Travel in Iceland with a luxury - access to everyting.

Vip Iceland is a luxury travel agency which offers you access to everything in Iceland.

Vip Iceland specializes in making events, travel and incentives.

Vip Iceland can handle large program sizes, ranging from general excursion to team and company based events.

Our staff emphasizes on delivering outstanding and personal service and we custom make events and trips to meet the customer´s requests and needs.

That way, Vip iceland events and trips become nontraditional, fun, creative and unforgettable.

Vip iceland has a team of highly skilled individuals with extensive experiences within the travel industry, event management and diverse backgrounds and education.

Iceland is a vast country with extreme weather conditions. Travelling in the Icelandic wilderness demands very knowledgeable and experienced travel guides and drivers. We employ first-aid instructors, emergency medics and rescue team members with decades of experience. Every staff member of VIP Iceland has training in first-aid. VIP Iceland offers you the safest available travel.

We encourage you to compare us with the competition. We are confident that our travel plans, services and staff offer you the best experience available. After all it is all about you and your travel companions. We are happy to suggest alternative options, many are quite good, but we are the best at what we do.

Our partners are new moments and more.

Why don´t you simply call us NOW? Our phone number is +354-8477171 or contact us through our e-mail address: Leave your name, phone number and perhaps some information about your interests.

This website is made in Iceland by Icelanders. What you may find here can be unexpected, just as you may be surprised by Iceland itself.